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{fic} las noches high (all chapters)

Title: Las Noches High
Author/Artist: taintedkibou
Pairing/Characters: Grimmjow/Ichigo
Rating: R (overall)
Genre: AU; high school
Disclaimer: I own the mangas that I purchased, but Kubo owns the characters.
Summary/Notes: Forced to transfer from school to school because of something he has no control over, Kurosaki Ichigo resigns himself to expulsion, only to find out he has one last choice: attend Las Noches High.


[ chapter one ]
[ chapter two ]
[ chapter three ]
[ chapter four ]
[ chapter five ]
[ chapter six ]
[ chapter seven ]
[ chapter eight ]

[ chapter nine ]
[ chapter ten ]
[ chapter eleven ]
[ chapter twelve ]
[ chapter thirteen ]
[ chapter fourteen ]
[ chapter fifteen ]
[ chapter sixteen ]

[ chapter seventeen ]
[ chapter eighteen ]
[ chapter nineteen ]
[ chapter twenty ]
[ chapter twenty-one ]
[ chapter twenty-two ]
[ chapter twenty-three ]
[ chapter twenty-four ]

[ chapter twenty-five ]
[ chapter twenty-six ]
[ chapter twenty-seven ]
[ chapter twenty-eight ]
[ chapter twenty-nine ]
[ chapter thirty ]
[ chapter thirty-one ]
[ chapter thirty-two ]
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*runs out, screaming and flailing because of the spiderwebs that cling* ...I'M ALIVE!!
That's actually a lie; I died inside a long time ago. Hahaha~~

Ionno why I'm making this post. I guess, it's for anyone that stumbles in here via a link to my fics and find they can't access it. I've finally started pulling stuff to put on Archive of Our Own. For every fic that I pull, I'm gonna leave a link behind in the post. Maybe... Maybe I'll just lock it down. I can't tell yet *shrug*

Alright! *claps* I'm gonna go back to playing FFXII Zodiac Age x3 (guess which fic I pulled, kufufu~)
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I had a thought yesterday--
Oh, wait, yes. I'm still around--who knows for how long, though~ *sweet smile*

But! I had a thought yesterday: to keep myself a little preoccupied, and to wake back up my brain, I'm gonna pull all my fics, revamp them, and post them... well, on Ao3, I guess. There's also It's not really about the relocation, but the rewriting. It's been a while... I've been writing original fics for myself (to read if I feel like something random), but even that urge/desire is fading...

*claps hands* Let's make this work!
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I've run away from Facebook... for now
My Wall was getting overrun by things that should probably be of concern to me, but my "real" self has no idea how to deal with it, and I got tired of seeing it all.

Right now, I just wanna FROLIC IN THE SAUSAGE FIELDS!!


Also, I just finished watching "Little Shop of Horrors". MEMORIES~~ ♬
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TWO: I drag this over here from Facebook (like I usually always do), because I believe they're tired of me fangirling...


It's the only anime I'm following for the year, sorry: Haikyuu!!

I'm finally caught up (anime-wise), and... now I'm gonna hafta go on hiatus again for the next three episodes, or... however long it takes for the Neko match to play out. Even though I already know the outcome... seeing it in MOTION is just... FUWAAA, DOKAN!! ...and I might end up spiking my laptop into the floor depending on where the cliffhanger stops.

*exhales deeply* Whelp~ gonna reread the first 5 volumes, and then just keep on plodding forward. They're up to like... volume 11/12. That means... I've got 20+ more volumes to go before the series is finished~ *happy crying*

...also, I'm gonna slash all the characters, even though they already appear in these handy pre-wrapped pairings for us~ x3
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*exhales in a (some randomly loud sound that's not really a scream; probably a frustrated sound)*

What da fack is Dramatical Murder (no, I'm not putting the caps in)?

I mean... I know what it is, but I'm tired of seeing it everywhere. I like Nitro-CITRAL's art--it's gorgeous, but... their BL games/artbooks/doujinshi scare me and make me feel uncomfortable, because the themes are too far gone, and too far dark, and too far HAREM. AND I DON'T LIKE HAREM!! (but mostly because of how "dark"; and not even bordering on "rape", but so deep in it, they can't get out)

...except when "harem" comes in the form of sports anime... *srs look*

DMMD (as it's "tagged") is coming out with an anime, and I might just pass. I know the Internet is gonna explode during those month(s) of episode releases, so maybe I'll be taking a break and remembering how to play video games again.

DEUCES!! *tips hat and saunters away*
(I'll be around to collect my Haikyu-!!, though)
FMP!//Kaname & Sousuke - "omg wtf"

sick, so sick...

My "colds" are a terrible entity in themselves. Coupled with Mother Nature trying to commit global genocide with this weather of hers, I'm down and out...

Wandered back over here because I realized I have half my work place on my FB and sometimes, when they see you post, they think "oh, she can't be sick enough if she's on FB". Yeah, no, sorry... don't work that way.

Tch... I had copied the post I made over there and deleted it, but then I copied an image link, so~ post lost! *freestyles it*

I found out Teen Wolf's gonna have a 4th season. I haven't finished S1 properly, haven't even started on S3; the only reason I watched/finished S2 was because I had Kage with me ._.

Maybe I should just down some medicine and kick back with Teen Wolf. The drugs might make everything more psychedelic and shiny, weeeee~ *flops*
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*breathes a momentary breath of life back into her journal*

...guwah, Facebook's too crowded now, but only a few people still update their Journals (myself included; I shouldn't even include myself, really). Maybe I'll just turn this into what I've always wanted: a fanfiction journal.

*solemn "yay"*