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27 March 2014 @ 11:59 am
sick, so sick...  
My "colds" are a terrible entity in themselves. Coupled with Mother Nature trying to commit global genocide with this weather of hers, I'm down and out...

Wandered back over here because I realized I have half my work place on my FB and sometimes, when they see you post, they think "oh, she can't be sick enough if she's on FB". Yeah, no, sorry... don't work that way.

Tch... I had copied the post I made over there and deleted it, but then I copied an image link, so~ post lost! *freestyles it*

I found out Teen Wolf's gonna have a 4th season. I haven't finished S1 properly, haven't even started on S3; the only reason I watched/finished S2 was because I had Kage with me ._.

Maybe I should just down some medicine and kick back with Teen Wolf. The drugs might make everything more psychedelic and shiny, weeeee~ *flops*